Range Belts and Soft Armour

The main purpose of body armor is to prevent damage from blunt trauma caused by bullets. Body armor is generally made of hard materials, but soft body armour is movable and comfortable to wear. But while soft body armour is praised for being more ergonomic and functional, it’s still not up to par with hard body armour. While soft armor is rated for stopping ballistics from small arms, it can’t defend against higher-caliber shots.

There are two main types of soft armor. The first type is called Level II and is made of woven or fibrous material. It protects against 9x19MM FMJ, which travels at 1175 feet per second. These types of armor are usually comfortable to wear and have multiple spaced-hit capability. However, before purchasing these types of body armor, it’s essential to determine their threat-specific stopping power. In some cases, the soft armor is not effective against every type of bullet, so it’s important to find a vest that’s right for you.

A second type of soft armor is a vest. This type of body armor is worn by the military. It’s a vest that fits under a shirt, providing full protection from assault rifle rounds and other firearms. Most body armor consists of layers of foam. Some are waterproof, while others are not. If you’re not sure about whether to buy a soft armor vest, check out this guide. There’s one on the market right now.

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