Soft Armor Vests For Bicyclists

The TACTOP Plate Carrier is a popular soft armor carrier for cyclists. It is made from a lightweight nylon sleeve with four adjustable straps for maximum comfort. It can hold up to seven M.O.L.L. plates and is suitable for many types of bike riders, including hikers, climbers, and others who want to carry their gear while riding their bikes. This unique design allows users to easily change plates without removing the protective gear.

The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER features a high-density shoulder strap and D-ring that can attach accessories or a lanyard. It also has a buckle on the upper back for a more comfortable fit and can be used even by those who do not have big muscles on their chests. This gives them increased comfort and makes it easy to wear body armor while wearing a t-shirt.

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The TACTOP Plate Carrier is a vest that protects the vital organs from high temperatures and pressure. It is designed to be easy to carry and attach to a belt or pouch. It comes with four adjustable straps so it can be worn over a t-shirt or a waistband. The TactOP Plate Carrier is compatible with most vehicular mounted devices. This is because of the modular design.

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